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March Madness Final Live Stream: The game of Duncan v. Louisville in Houston in 1983 was very interesting. Even the children of Louisville ran to the monitor to watch the replay.

Of course, it comes to an end: There is nothing easier to win, no chance to breathe, until the last second decides what, then a great victory.

The final of the women’s semi-finals won the Paris Notre Dame on Sunday and the semi-final on Friday, saving late shooting with the defender Arica Ogunboulom, and the second NAAA awarded to Ireland won 61-58 in Mississippi. Basketball champion.

With the remaining three seconds of Notre Dame, the reference point at Makkouen, Mississippi, 6-foot-7, center-owned, scored a fifth foul in the high school wild fight to avoid giving Ireland an open layup. .

McCowan steals the ball, but her teammate Morgan William lost him in the face of Mariba Mabray Notre Dame. National football fans in Mississippi will insist that William is permanently contaminated. However, as William later said, “There is no whistle, so this is not a foul.”

The incoming Notre Dame took a passport to Ogunboueyl, which hit a 91-89 victory over Connecticut on the three-point line last Friday, while remaining in the remainder of the second overtime. Mississippi tried to deny her ball on Sunday but failed. She used two quick balls to enter the right wing, creating a 3-point attempt.

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P 1 hour ago
How exciting the match between the two talented teams is. Thanks to the facts of the New York Times, they did not hide background reports on women’s games! Anyone is not…

Lw 1 hour ago
The last four games for women are exciting – much more than men. Really exciting! Thank you, ladies!

Lswonder 2 hours ago
Tens of fun last four games. It cannot exceed cardiac arrest. Thanks to all the players.

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Ogunboale raised a tall, shiny sweater in Victoria Viavines, Mississippi. It lost balance and was more compact, but this time it was a perfect shot, this is the tenth time. He completed the Notre Dame de Paris, which once seemed unlikely to be merely to become a terrific unstoppable, presenting the final championship at the National Stadium in the trophy.

In 2015, Kentucky was terrific, he just destroyed West Virginia when he was 16 years old. After almost no defeat to Notre Dame, he was in Wisconsin.

You can look at a large number of examples, but the main point in this: ideally you want your excellent game and your best efforts to become your last game.

This happened in UNLV in 1990. When the rebels had just left the Duke, they panicked.

Duke received a response in 1991 and played a wonderful game to defeat the rebels in the semifinals.

That night, the Duke defeated Kansas, but more decided. It can not match the mood of the UNLV game.

So, although Villanova will be in Michigan on Monday night, they will not have an epic offensive work.

On the one hand, John Belling is a great coach. He saw what had just happened, and would adapt to his best abilities.

When Duke and Michigan played, he often ran 1-3-1, and many thought it was his best defensive team in Michigan. There is a reason for the result.

This year Bering had a new assistant. Obviously, he is a defender. He helped remake Wolverine’s defense.

We did not see the whole bunch of Villanova this year. You know, if you can hit 50% of the three pointers, why not?

The other side of this idea is the same question as Tony Bennett and Shaka Smart: What happens when Plan A fails? If Michigan can win the best shot, Villanova can adapt?

Wildcats made 65 shots against KU. Of these, only 18 were not three pointers. Of these,

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